The greatest shops are on Shopify. The greatest customer experience for returns is Baback

The expert reverse logistics solution that handles Exchanges, Gift Card, and more, for an extraordinary customer experience.

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Trusted by top Shopify Brands

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The all-in-one return solution

Benefit from a top software solution, but above all from the support of an expert team


We Are Shopify Partners

Shopify is a constantly evolving ecosystem; we are fully validated by Shopify and provide full support to our customers.
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Baback won't let your customers go

Baback is the only returns solution that keeps your customers on your website. Choose the customer experience with Baback.
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Benefit from our logistics expertise

Return logistics isn't just a matter of design (we know how to do that anyway), it's also a matter of mastering customs issues in Europe and the USA.
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Exchanges are so simple

Baback offers a range of exchange functionalities, from instantaneous to future exchanges; the best for up to 60% customer retention! (and we prove it).
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Less (refunds) is more (sales)

Your customers love your return experience when they can benefit from Gift Card rather than a refund; we offer this right from our lite plan.
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Omnichannel as a Service

Benefit from our expertise in e-commerce and retail environments to offer in-store returns.

Meet our team

We don't do marketing, we simply develop the best product for our customers.


Find these reviews directly on our Shopify page

Super app that has changed the way we process our returns.

We've cut our returns processing by 2, we've reduced the overall cost of processing our returns, and our solution is now more professional.Customized support and a very responsive team! I'd like to recommend them!

Exactly what I needed

Tailor-made support and unbeatable responsiveness! I can't recommend it enough! Great service and a must!
TricotFR / USA

I can't believe how cool this is.

Superb customer interface for returns management, simple and efficient.The support team is very responsive to every request. I can only recommend this APP!Thank you
SorioFR / IT
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